Describe Folder Lock Integrity and its features.

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The tool directly integrates with Windows individual and helps cypher files and folders, read and edit them, and even decode them in mere some clicks.

It doesn’t stop at that, as you’ll be able to additionally produce wallets to store your MasterCard details and alternative personal data with the assistance of Folder Lock. It prevents your information to be accessed by even the best of hackers and therefore the spies with the hotkey-activated secret mode. Clean history and shred junk files with Folder Lock and check out all the advantages at no cost for the primary 30 days post that it prices $39.95. Folder Lock is a wonderful folder protection application that has explorer 11 download  individual integration, various lockable choices and a case feature. It additionally comes with some smart extras comparable to the rear up and shred tools. Overall, Folder Lock is simply what you wish to secure your information in an exceedingly easy, albeit ugly, interface. With Instant Lock you’ll be able to rest assured that your piles of information are barred and guarded in an exceedingly matter of seconds.

There are some ways by that you’ll be able to lock your information that’s, either by mistreatment the add button within the app, you’ll be able to drag and drop the folder, merely drag the folder to the applying link, by getting into the program line like, “D: New Folder” or by excellent clicking the button the specified folder and selecting the choice “Lock”. It hides your sensitive files in such some way that neither will it’s viewed by alternative users nor will it’s accessed. Your hidden files can’t be even derived with links in your current documents once protected. For extra security, you will set a word in order that nobody else can access your files. This app may run in concealment mode creating it invisible to alternative users. Instant Lock ensures that no has access to your files and folders albeit your laptop computer is taken, and neither will anyone uninstall the tool except you who will do therefore mistreatment the word. The most effective half is that albeit the info is deleted accidentally or by somebody, you’ll be able to merely re-install the app with a similar word and you have got your folders back!

That’s not all, as you’ll be able to conjointly shield your USB drives, CD/DVD drives, or non-volatile storage drives by suing a countersign. Moreover, it conjointly permits you to defrag and ScanDisk effortlessly, however, keep in mind to unlock all folders and backup your secured folders before you do the action.

Folder Lock Shortcut Keys and Features

  • Add as several folders to the program as you would like for fast concealing.
  • Hide or Show individual folders or all folders promptly.
  • Prevents all file access, even from the electronic communication
  • Folders are aloof from Windows adventurer entirely.
  • Files in folders cannot be accessed, even from shortcuts or recent document lists.
  • Folders cannot be hacked by re-installing Windows, booting in Safe Mode, or booting from another laptop.
  • Removal of program doesn’t expose your hidden folders.
  • Run in stealing Mode fully hidden from any users; nobody can suspect you have got hidden folders.
  • Remove program from instrument panel “Uninstall or modification a program”
  • Folders are hidden and countersign protected victimization 256-bit Blowfish coding.
  • Runs at Windows startup.
  • Hotkey for download the program out of stealing Mode.
  • Hotkey for concealing all folders (CTRL + SHIFT + alt + H).
  • Hotkey for showing all folders (CTRL + SHIFT + alt + S).
  • Password protection once program is brought out of stealing mode.
  • Password protection once hotkeys are won’t to hide or show all folders.
  • Password protection once program is opened.