How Mood ring work? and meaning chart

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Mood Ring is a ring consisting of thermochromic compound (Thermochromic Substances has the home to alter color inning accordance with the change in temperature level) such as thermotropic liquid crystal that alters its color as the Emotion of the user changes. This Liquid Crystal is filled out pill formed Faux Gems (typically made up of Quartz or Glass).

Usually, the temperature of a body changes according to its emotional state which leads to the change in color of Liquid Crystal present inside State of mind Rings’ Faux Gemstone.


When you use a Mood Ring, Your body temperature is performed from your finger to the liquid crystal present inside stone of State of mind Ring. At various temperatures, the particles of liquid crystal tends to soak up and show light wave at different wavelengths. Subsequently, when the structure of particles of liquid crystal changes, the color of the ring changes too.

Essentially, it is nothing but a chemical reaction at molecular level which leads to modification in wavelengths of light waves, responsible for the modification in color of liquid crystal present in Mood Rings.

Once again focusing towards our Wonderful Ring, when a person is delighted or pleased, skin blushes. This redness is because of the increase in flow of blood to skin and resultantly, temperature boosts which cause the Mood Ring color meaning to change its color to blue, due to the fact that at the mildly higher temperature level, the Thermotropic liquid crystal stone reflects blue color.

On the contrary, when an individual is going through anxiety or exhilarated, the veins avoids epidermis (skin) or surface and gets directed towards internal organs causing a decrement in temperature level of the skin resulting in color change to yellow of Mood Ring.

But obviously, often the temperature level might change due other reasons such as if one just had bath with hot water otherwise if it’s excessive cold then undoubtedly it does not associate with the state of mind of that individual. The cold conditions makes the Mood Ring unresponsive and reflects either black or grey color. Normally, when it is not used, its color turns to black color.